Adeline Cuddle Baby almost completed

Ms. Adeline is almost done. She's waiting on rooted lashes & finished brows. I'm also considering lightly rooting her hair over the painted hair that I gave her. I'm just not satisfied with how her painted hair is coming out. As I said in a previous post, I'm rusty lol. I'm also trying to sew the perfect cuddle body for her. I'm loving learning how to sew. I need so much practice but I'm much better at sewing than I was a few months ago.

Adeline will be for sale once her body is finished. I'm waiting on her joints to finish the body. She'll be $300 if purchased from my website. This will include a "baby shower in a box" as well.

Feel free to follow me on Instagram @bts_repaint_newbie. I'm much more active there. Wishing all of you a very happy New Year!!

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