Yes... I'm coming back but with changes...

Today is my granny's birthday. It's my first year without her. My granny used to love dolls. In fact, she's the one who got me into my doll passion. I know that she would be like "Crissy, u have a gift, share it with the world & don't worry about the negative things". So today, I've decided to start reborning again. Where to start? All of my old files & logos for "Colorful Creations by Crystal" had been lost on my old Mac that crashed. Ughh.. what am I going to do. So I checked to see if my original name "Ethnic Cuddles" was available & it was! I was so excited. The problem was, I couldn't remember my old passwords for my photobucket & so forth. My memory has greatly suffered due to my illness. But I won't let this defeat me, I registered my old name with the IRS, got a business license & website name. I also started a Twitter, Instagram & FB account using "Ethnic Cuddles". I got a professional to make a logo for me & jumped right in. I would set rules for myself. #1 I would never join another guild. #2 I would make extremely limited customs. #3 I wouldn't make "friends" with people who could hurt me. #4 I would never offer advice or teach another class except to my friends in person. #5 I would work on the kits that I had in stock & sell off the ones that I kew I would never get to. #6 I would have fun & thick skin. I won't let anyone hurt me & run me away ever again. This is for u grandmom! I think I'm ready.


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